Site Rules

Site Rules:

Sample Site Rules
• Comply with reasonable direction from the principal contractor or any PCBU on site.
• Comply with the WHS Management Plan.
• All workers and contractors must complete a site safety induction prior to starting work.
• Do not walk through barricaded areas.
• Keep work areas clean and tidy at all times.
• No smoking anywhere on site.
• No fighting, bullying or aggressive behaviour.
• Use personal protective equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and where directed by the principal contractor and in accordance with site signage.
• No illegal drugs or other substances are permitted on site or are to be consumed on site. If you are required to take strong prescription medication that warns against driving or using machinery, you must advise the principal contractor.
• Report any incidents, dangerous events, serious bodily injuries or work-caused illnesses to the principal contractor.
• Maintain all site amenities in a clean, tidy and hygienic state.
• Follow safe lifting procedures at all times.
• Place all rubbish in bins provided.